The Renegades of Pern (Dragonriders of Pern Series #10) by Anne McCaffrey

By Anne McCaffrey

So long as the folk of Pern may possibly consider, the Holds had safe them from Thread, the lethal silver strands that fell from the sky and ravaged the land. In trade for sanctuary within the large stone fortresses, the folks tithed to their Lord Holders, who in flip supported the Weyrs, whose dragons have been Pern's maximum weapon opposed to Thread.But now not all people on Pern used to be a part of that procedure of mutual care and safeguard, relatively those that were rendered holdless as punishment for wrongdoing. And there have been a few, like Jayge's dealer extended family, who easily most popular the liberty of the roads to the safety of a carry. Others, like Aramina's relatives, had misplaced their holds via injustice and cruelty. For all of the holdless, existence was once a continuing fight for survival.Then, from the ranks of the criminals and the disaffected, rose a band of renegades, led by way of the woman Thella. nobody used to be secure from Thella's depredations, and now her quarry was once Aramina, reputed to have a telepathic hyperlink with dragons. but if Thella mistakenly vented her rage on Jayge's kin, she made a perilous mistake. For Jayge used to be bent on revenge . . . and he might by no means permit her have the woman who heard dragons!From the Hardcover version.

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Suddenly three more strong stewards bracketed Dushik. He was marched to the barracks, allowed to collect his gear, then locked for the night in the small holding cell situated at the back of the beasthold. Even Lord Oterel would not force men to forego a Gather to escort an unwanted man to the border. But the next morning, those who escorted him were neither talkative nor forgiving for the journey. ‘Don’t come back to Tillek, Dushik,’ the leader said in farewell. But at the last moment he handed over Dushik’s sword and long knife and a sack of journey rations.

So Jayge now had a most satisfactory collection of credit bits, almost enough to trade for a saddle when next their wagons encountered those of the Plater clan. He needed only another race or two — just a seven day more. The Lilcamps had been at Kimmage all through the wet spring. Why did his father want to move out now? No-one argued with Crenden. He was fair but tough, and although he was not a very big man, anyone who had experienced his fist — and Jayge still did at times — knew that he was far stronger than he looked.

The woman’s voice quavered. ’ Lord Gedenase stepped aside and gestured sternly toward the door. ’ the woman cried despairingly, but she was already gathering up pots and pans. ‘Wherever you wish,’ the Lord Holder said. Turning on one heel, he strode out of the place, kicking aside pot lid. He motioned to the steward to oversee the eviction, mounted his runnerbeast, and rode off. ‘But we have always been beholden to Lemos,’ Felleck said, sniveling and twisting his face into a piteous expression.

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