101 Arguments Against Christianity by Jayden Raine

By Jayden Raine

Ultimately, a concise advisor to the most typical and simple arguments opposed to Christians and the Bible and of their many varieties. Apologists, atheists, agnostics, pagans, and witches, do that booklet if you want to enhance your good judgment and study the reality.

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Many of them are defenders of theories on evolution who will say that there is not much evidence for evolution. Truthfully however there is no evidence for evolution at all. How often do scientists go about saying that something is true or false or exists or doesn't because there is no evidence? The only time it is often is when they are defending evolution, attacking the Bible, or trying to promote some theory, especially for profit or self glorification. b) If scientists do not consider that an absence of evidence is not evidence then they are not be qualified to be scientists.

C) People are at least convinced every month by evidence given to them verbally, in writing, or by sign language that Jesus is in essence God. There wouldn't millions of Christians if no one was convinced that at least some part of what he said was or is true. 47) All Christians have unreasonable requirements for what would qualify as proof that the Bible is untrue and that evolution is true. A variation of this argument is, All Christians have unreasonable requirements for what would qualify as evidence that the Bible is untrue and that evolution is true.

So there would hardly be any accounts to find after 5000 years if any accounts did survive. 6. The Jews who escaped Egypt had many enemies, it is doubtful that after escaping Egypt that they would have risked their lives again to explain to their enemies to explain how they had been saved. 7. Most of the Jews who had been rescued by God may have had a hard time believing that the Creator of the universe had chosen to personally rescue uneducated slaves out of all the other ethnic groups in their ignorance of how compassionate God is and that he doesn't save people because of their wealth, appearance, or social status.

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