1066 and All That: A Memorable History of England by Walter Carruthers Sellar, Robert Julian Yeatman, John

By Walter Carruthers Sellar, Robert Julian Yeatman, John Reynolds

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There is no justification for glee at this sort of logic. It contradicts what the Author says about the People and their rights, about parties generally, about the necessity to combat lies with lies. It also sits ill with the subtleties of much of her analysis. Davenant, A True Picture of a Modem Whig, Set Forth in A Dialogue Between Mr. Whiglove and Mr Double, (1701) p. 9. Arbuthnot, APL, pp. 14-15; Carstens, 'Political Satire', pp. 309-310, cf. Davenant, The True Picture of a Modem Whig, 1701, p.

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