School of Evil (Twisted Journeys 13) by Marie P. Croall

By Marie P. Croall

At Darkham Academy, the academics are creepy, monsters lurk within the lab, and your dorm room is haunted! are you able to live on the 1st day of college and end your homework on time? each TWISTED trips® photograph novel allows you to keep an eye on the motion by means of identifying which route to keep on with. Which twists and turns will your trip take?

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Teachers. €. €. search the library? Turn to page 30. €. search outside Turn to page 16. 38 The headmaster smirks as he heads toward you. “Give us the book. ” He stops right in front of you, waiting for your response. You fling it out over the pool. The headmaster’s face turns red as he screams in horror. ” The two of you watch as the book hits the water and sinks beneath the surface. The headmaster wades into the water to try to retrieve it, but before he can reach it, one of the giant crocodiles leaps up and devours the book in one bite.

Try to run 15. €. push the boulder? Turn to page 21. 56 Pulling the blankets over your head, you roll over and go back to sleep. After a while, you hear a knock at the door. Pulling yourself out of bed, you shuffle over to open the door. Professor Aslem is standing at the door, scowling at you. ” You stare at your feet for a second as you try to think of a way to explain your absence. ” you mutter, glancing up at the professor. She glares at you suspiciously. “Very well. Just be sure to have chapters 8–14 completed for tomorrow.

She smiles expectantly. ” she asks. ” You start to answer, but your voice is thick and muffled. You raise your hands, only to realize that you don’t have hands! Instead, you have thick, green pseudopods! You look in the large mirror behind the professor. You barely recognize yourself. A large green slug is staring back at you. The professor smiles. “How very helpful! ” You glare at the professor with your slug eyes, wondering if the change is temporary or permanent. As Professor Barrens scoops you into a fish tank and drops in some leaves for your lunch, you think you might be here a very long while.

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