A Character of King Charles the Second by George Savile, by Miaunache

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A Nation is best to be judged by the Government it is under at the time. Mankind is moulded to good or ill, according as the Power over it is well or ill directed.

But our Passions are much oftener convinced than our Reason. He had but little Reading, and that tending to his Pleasures more than to his Instruction. In the Library of a young Prince, the solemn Folios are not much rumpled, Books of a lighter Digestion have the Dog’s Ears. Some pretend to be very precise in the time of his Reconciling; The Cardinal de Retz, &c. I will not enter into it minutely, but whenever it was, it is observable that the Government of France did not think it adviseable to discover it openly; upon which such obvious Reflections may be made, that I will not mention them.

Draper in the Strand. M DCC L. ADVERTISEMENT. The following Character of King Charles the Second, with the Political, Moral and Miscellaneous Thoughts and Reflections were written by George Savile Marquis of Halifax, and were taken from his original Manuscripts, in the Possession of his Grand-daughter Dorothy Countess of Burlington. CONTENTS. Page Character of King Charles II. 1 Political Thoughts and Reflections. Of Fundamentals, 63 Of Princes, 77 Princes, (their Rewards of Servants) 79 Princes, (their Secrets) 80 Love of the Subjects to a Prince, 81 Suffering for Princes, ibid.

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