A Companion to Classical Receptions by Lorna Hardwick, Christopher Stray

By Lorna Hardwick, Christopher Stray

Reading the large quantity of how within which the humanities, tradition, and considered Greece and Rome were transmitted, interpreted, tailored and used, A better half to Classical Receptions explores the effect of this phenomenon on either old and later societies. presents a complete advent and evaluate of classical reception - the translation of classical artwork, tradition, and notion in later centuries, and the Read more...


reading the large quantity of the way during which the humanities, tradition, and regarded Greece and Rome were transmitted, interpreted, tailored and used, A spouse to Classical Receptions explores the Read more...

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All these traditions are of course also cases of reception, usually of whole strings of reception. The reason we devote the bulk of the chapter to case studies is that we want to reflect the way both the study of tradition and that of reception depends on its material. This is not to say that there are no general points to be made, and we will indeed make some such points; but we believe that it is important to stress the variation in possible approaches to tradition and reception, both in practice and at a more abstract conceptual level.

Declaring Oceanus the ‘origin of the gods’ is not so much wrong as it is tendentious. A similar point can be made about Hera’s claim to be his foster daughter, and about the alleged time of her adoption during the battle of the Titans. 358, 886–90 for Zeus’ wife Metis and her children). It would thus appear that a simple dichotomy between ‘traditional’ and ‘untraditional’ material does not do justice to the complexities of Hera’s speech. The point is that they did not care: as Glenn Most observes, there is no evidence to speak of that Greek audiences were ever interested in identifying Homer’s sources (Most 2003: 85).

They were not alone in enjoying drink and song. How does Cowley’s piece relate to Weckherlin’s? How does Cowley adapt Anacreontea 21? Not that these questions can be settled with certainty, but they can be discussed in interesting ways. Thinking about the Anacreontic tradition gives a different vantage point. Of course, as we just pointed out, tradition too has room for particularity. Anacreontic poetry continued to be widely popular across a number of centuries. The appeal of each individual poem will have had something to do with its particular features and circumstances – such as Cowley’s anti-puritan snipe for the consumption of other antipuritans – but for a balanced understanding of Anacreontic poetry one needs to come to terms also with the many features that one finds again and again, in different periods and languages: brevity (Cowley’s poem is at the long end of the spectrum); simplicity of metre (here: the iambic tetrameters); simplicity of language (Cowley is unusually rhetorical, but even Cowley’s language is quite straightforward); wit (here: the punch line); a small number of usually apolitical and unspecific themes (especially drink, which here has a political application, and love); and, above all, a light-hearted tone.

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