Adam Raccoon and the Flying Machine by Glen Keane

By Glen Keane

The Adventures of Adam Raccoon happen within the center of the Master’s wooden. Adam Raccoon, with his animal acquaintances, locate either possibility and sweetness within the woods packed with streams, waterfalls, and tall timber. teenagers will simply relate to Adam who's playful, curious, a bit mischievous, and smooth hearted. each time Adam will get himself into hassle through going his personal manner, King Aren involves the rescue.

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I don’t have any worries about it. 2. It will be fun to jump out on them. There is a small chance of some trouble but I will take the risk. 3. I am very uncertain. There might be trouble if I jump out on them. 4. I definitely will not jump out on them. 5 Gorilla exercise The ‘victims’ The potential victims approaching you are: c two teenage girls c a teenage boy c a middle-aged couple c an eight-year-old girl with a bleeding nose c a boy with a small dog c an elderly woman in a wheelchair c a security guard who is protecting someone famous c the local traffic warden c a woman with a baby in a pram c a mum with two children aged around eight and ten c a blind man c your best friend c two men and a Rottweiler dog c an elderly nun c your older brother c a ten-year-old boy whom you saw taking his sister’s ice cream c a policeman c a four-year-old child who is crying for her mum c your mum c your dad c the President of the USA with his security guards.

We have to think not only about the ‘victims’ but also about the effect on the crowd. 31 SUPPORT FOR PARENTS AND CARERS Intuitively we make a number of complex connections and decisions in a few seconds without even realizing it at the time. People on the autism spectrum find this very difficult. They have mindblindness, which means they have great difficulty in understanding how other people might think or feel, or how they might react. During this session, try to bring out the various different aspects of mindblindness.

We also use memories and other experiences to build this meaning. For example, if we are walking through a town and hear bells chiming we might wonder if the church bells are striking the hour and we may imagine a church nearby. If we then see several people dressed in fine clothes and a woman wearing a white dress and confetti being thrown we might assume that a wedding had just taken place. Intuitively, we seem to pull information together in order to understand a situation. Children and young people on the autism spectrum find this much more difficult and may focus on small details of the way something sounds, looks, feels or smells.

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