Alexander The Great In Fact And Fiction by A. B. Bosworth, E. J. Baynham

By A. B. Bosworth, E. J. Baynham

Вокруг имени Александра Македонского сложилось множество легенд. Эта работа представляет собой подборку исследований крупных западных историков, в которых производится попытка отделить правду от вымысла.

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A few pages earlier Díaz had given a bitter picture of deaths by hunger and the desertion by three Spanish soldiers who ‘had taken their chance of a state of war along the road by which we had come, and preferred to die rather than continue the advance’. 30 Arr. 6. 23–27. 1. Here, as in earlier discussions (Bosworth 1988b: 143–6; 1996a: 169–73) I follow the exemplary treatment of the sources by Strasburger 1982–90: i. 451–9. I shall discuss the problems of attribution in the third volume of my Historical Commentary on Arrian.

Cortés himself admitted that he had to acquire another map during the journey (Pagden 1986: 365), precisely in Acalan. 24 Maudslay v. 15–16. Cortés mentions the burning, but he treats it as repression of cannibalism, ignoring the prevailing hunger and implying that there was only the single isolated case; nor does he mention that the guides were eaten (cf. Pagden 1986: 351–2). 25 Maudslay v. 13 (‘we were three days building it and had nothing to eat but herbs and some roots . . which burned our tongues and mouths’).

36. 8–9. 48 Plut. Alex. 68. 7; Arr. 7. 4. 1; cf. Badian 1961: 17, 21, and, more recently, Lane Fox 1996: 105–8. 49 Arr. 6. 24. 1; Ind. 26. 1; all sources to some extent stress the hardships; for Strabo (15. 2. 5 (721–2) ) ‘Alexander was in great distress throughout the whole journey’. 36 Brian Bosworth aspect of the affair was its demonstration of the lengths to which he would go to rival the great exploits of history and mythology. If he had traversed Gedrosia in order to outdo Semiramis and Cyrus, would he not follow Heracles to the Straits of Gibraltar?

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