Alkyl polyglucosides : from natural-origin surfactants to by Ivana Pantelic

By Ivana Pantelic

The on-going ‘green’ pattern within the own care coupled with international environmental issues, position natural-origin, biodegradable and skin-friendly surfactants corresponding to alkyl polyglucosides (APGs) in excessive call for. After winning use in cosmetics, adequate information has been bought to welcome a few sugar emulsifiers into the sector of drug dosage. Alkyl Polyglucosides provides a finished compendium which publications a researcher from the APG-related preformulation phases to formula processing, together with the research of varied APG-stabilized structures epidermis functionality. This booklet introduces numerous APG representatives, their merits relating to sure traditional surfactants, physicochemical and interfacial houses, attainable interplay with frequent parts and various characterization innovations fundamental for the review of colloidal structures. the 1st bankruptcy introduces alkyl polyglucosides, by means of chapters on their homes, behaviour, an summary of the patent safeguard mechanisms and directions for filing patent purposes. eventually, a end surveys foreign patent functions regarding APGs.

    • introduces the sector of alkyl polyglucoside emulsifiers, directory all of the modern and newly synthesized APG emulsifiers
    • provides unique info on quite a few features of APG-based buildings
    • reveals power of APG-stabilized automobiles as potential supply structures utilizing a number of version medicines and beauty actives
    • includes an up to date overview of study performed within the box of APGs, facilitating destiny preformulation and formula reports for researchers
    • offers a concise and useful compendium of characterization concepts

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      2011). Aqueous and lipid phases were prepared separately. Solid lipid was melted at 75 °C to prevent the recrystallization of lipids during the process. Hydrophilic surfactants and water were heated to the same temperature and added to the melted lipid phase. The mixture was dispersed with a high-shear mixer (Ultra Turrax, IKA Staufen, Germany) for 30 s at 8000 rpm and subjected to high-pressure homogenization, applying a pressure of 500 bar. The homogenizer (Micron LAB 40, APV Deutschland GmbH, Germany) was equipped with a water jacket for temperature control.

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