Altered Humans - Prelude To The Pet Plague by Darrell Bain

By Darrell Bain

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There was one on each side of the street, coming our way. Listen, I don't think they spotted us, but we'll have to buy something to stay here more than a few minutes. Best to try it on some pants or something and get out of sight. " The proprietor, a slight man with a limp was already eyeing them suspiciously. Gary quickly began looking at a selection of jumpsuits. Surprisingly, he found a consignment of the new temperature controlled garments, usually available only in upscale stores in affluent parts of the city.

Want out,” Booger Bear said. "Sorry, you'll have to wait another hour,” Gary told him. The cat wasn't able to reproduce a human sigh but he gave out a sound remarkable akin to one. Maria couldn't get back to sleep. After a moment she sat up and leaned back against a crate next to Gary. She reached down and gathered the cargo pallet and stuffed it behind them for padding against the bumps. Booger Bear sighed again before crawling up into her lap and quickly dozing off. If he couldn't get out to stretch his legs or relieve himself, Maria had a very soft lap.

So did Lea, who couldn't get the storage compartment open either. She abandoned the attempt, looking disgruntled, then suddenly brightened. She left the van and hurried over to the two dead Marshals, drawing her knife from its sheath as she went. When Gary saw what she was doing, he winced and turned his head. Lea reappeared a few moments later, bringing four severed thumbs with her. Her lips parted in a caricature of a grin. “I didn't know whether they were right or left handed, so I took them all.

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