History, Volume I, Books 14-19 (Loeb Classical Library No. by Ammianus Marcellinus, J. C. Rolfe

By Ammianus Marcellinus, J. C. Rolfe

Сохранившиеся части «Деяний» Аммиана Марцеллина, обычно объединяемые в его «Римскую историю». В ней вы найдете важные сведения о событиях 353-378 гг.

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Maxentius, son of Maximian, was proclaimed Augustus by the troops at Rome, but was not acknowledged by the other Augiisti and Caesars ; he defeated and slew Severus in Italy, whereupon Licinius was made an Augustus by In 308 there were four Augusti : ConGalerius. stantine, Galerius, Licinius, and Maximinus, in addition to the usurper Maxentius. A series of wars followed. Maximinus was defeated by Licinius and died shortly afterward Galerius died in 311. Constantine defeated Maxentius at Saxa Rubra in 312 and reigned for a time with Licinius.

8. Adulescebat autem obstinatum prOpositum erga haec et similia multa scrutandi,^ stimulos admovente regina, quae abrupte mariti fortunas trudebat in exitium praeceps, cum eum potius lenitate feminea ad veritatis humanitatisque viam reducere utilia suadendo deberet, ut in Gordianorum actibus factitasse Maximini truculenti illius imperatoris retulimus coniugem. postridie disceret imperator. ^ citerioris, vulgo scrutanda. Bent. 5 XV. 3, 2. ; V ^ scrutamli, citeriora eis, V. ; ; scnitantis, sugg. by Clark, cf.

Imperial stock, and the alliance which he even then had with the name of Constantius,^ he was raised to such a height of presumption that, if he had been more powerful, he would have ventured (it seemed) upon a course hostile to the author of his good fortune. 2. To his cruelty his wife was besides a serious incentive, a woman beyond measure presumptuous because of her kinship to the emperor, and previously joined in marriage by her father Constantine with his brother's son. 'stantly aroused the savagery of Gallus, being as insatiable as he in her thirst for human blood.

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