Coal Liquefaction Fundamentals by D. Duayne Whitehurst (Eds.)

By D. Duayne Whitehurst (Eds.)

content material: a few proved and unproved results of coal geochemistry on liquefaction habit with emphasis on U.S. coals / P.H. Given, W. Spackman, A. Davis, and R.G. Jenkins --
South African coals and their habit in the course of liquefaction / D. grey, G. Barrass, J. Jezko, and J.R. Kershaw --
The features of Australian coals and their implications in coal liquefaction / R.A. Durie --
dating among coal features and its reactivity on hydroliquefaction / okay. Mori, M. Taniuchi, A. Kawashima, O. Okuma, and T. Takahashi --
stories on noncatalytic liquefaction of western Canadian coals / B. Ignasiak, D. Carson, A.J. Szladow, and N. Berkowitz --
Reactivity of British coals in solvent extraction / J.W. Clarke, G.M. Kimber, T.D. Rantell, and D.E. Shipley --
a brand new outlook on coal liquefaction via short-contact-time thermal reactions : components resulting in excessive reactivity / D. Duayne Whitehurst --
Short-residence-time coal liquefaction / J.R. Longanbach, J.W. Droege, and S.P. Chauhan --
Upgrading of short-contact-time solvent-refined coal / R.H. Heck, T.O. Mitchell, T.R. Stein, and M.J. Dabkowski --
Processing short-contact-time coal liquefaction items / Conrad J. Kulik, Howard E. Lebowitz, and William C. Rovesti --
Kinetics of direct liquefaction of coal within the presence of molybdenum-iron catalyst / Minoru Morita, Shimio Satoh, and Takao Hashimoto --
High-yield coal conversion in a zinc chloride-methanol soften below average stipulations / John H. Shinn and Theodore Vermeulen --
The impression of coal constitution at the dissolution of brown coal in tetralin / R.J. Hooper and D.G. Evans --
Coal liquefaction lower than atmospheric strain / Isao Mochida and okay. Takeshita --
The impression of catalyst focus, temperature, and place of abode time at the chemical constitution of coal hydropyrolysis oils / John R. Kershaw, Gordon Barrass, and David grey --
Thermal remedy of coal-related fragrant ethers in tetralin resolution / Y. Kamiya, T. Yao, and S. Oikawa --
attainable hydride move in coal conversion tactics / David S. Ross and James E. Blessing --
Hydrogenation mechanism of coals through structural research of response items / Y. Maekawa, Y. Nakata, S. Ueda, T. Yoshida, and Y. Yoshida --
Pericyclic pathways within the mechanism of coal liquefaction / P.S. Virk, D.H. Bass, C.P. Eppig, and D.J. Ekpenyong --
An isotopic examine of the position of a donor solvent in coal liquefaction / Joseph J. Ratto, Laszlo A. Heredy, and Raymund P. Skowronski --
Isomerization and adduction of hydroaromatic structures at stipulations of coal liquefaction / Donald C. Cronauer, Douglas M. Jewell, Rajiv J. Modi, K.S. Seshadri, and Yatish T. Shah.

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Minor c o n s t i t u e n t s d i f f e r among s o l i d s from d i f f e r e n t c o a l s , but genera l l y c o n s i s t of c l a y s , calcium-containing minerals (carbonates and s u l f a t e s ) , i r o n - c o n t a i n i n g minerals ( s u l f i d e s and carbonate), and t i t a n i u m oxides (65,74). We have shown that minerals such as quartz, c a l c i t e and r u t i l e are e s s e n t i a l l y unchanged by l i q u e f a c t i o n (74). Clays and calcium s u l f a t e s appear to undergo dehydrat i o n and fragmentation.

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L . ; Mickish, D. ; Kunz, A. B. In "Interdisci­ plinary Studies of Peat and Coal Origins", Geol. Soc. Amer. Microform Publication 7, P. H. Given and A. D. , 1977, pp. 18-49. 3. Given, P. H. In "Advances in Organic Geochemistry 1971", H. Wehner and H. , Vieweg und Sohn, Brans­ chweig, Germany, 1972, p. 69. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1980. ch001 1. GIVEN ET AL. Coal Geochemistry 29 4. Given, P. ; Dickinson, C. H. In "Soil Biochemistry", E. A. Paul and A. D.

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