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See the Q9 exercise. In this exercise we want to create a separate package for that code. Create a proper package for your stack implementation, Push, Pop and the Stack type need to be exported. 2. Write a simple unit test for this package. You should at least test that a Pop works after a Push. 3. Which official Go package could also be used as a (FIFO) stack? Q17. (7) Calculator 1. Create a reverse polish calculator. Use your stack package. 2. Bonus. Rewrite your calculator to use the package you found for question 3 of previous question.

Arrays, slices and maps you create a slice which can hold ten elements. Note that the under laying array isn’t specified. A slice is always coupled to an array that has a fixed size. For slices we define a capacity and a length. 1 depicts the following Go code. First we create an array of m elements of the type int: var array[m]int Next, we create a slice from this array: slice := array[0:n] And now we have: • len(slice)== n == cap(slice)== n ; • len(array)== cap(array)== m . 1. Array versus slice 0 n-1 ...

The template walks the structure as it executes and the ”cursor” @ represents the value at the current location in the structure. http The http package implements parsing of HTTP requests, replies, and URLs and provides an extensible HTTP server and a basic HTTP client. unsafe The unsafe package contains operations that step around the type safety of Go programs. Normally you don’t need this package. reflect The reflect package implements run-time reflection, allowing a program to manipulate objects with arbitrary types.

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