New Beginning in US-Muslim Relations: President Obama and by Eugenio Lilli

By Eugenio Lilli

This ebook consists of out a comparative examine of the united states reaction to well known uprisings within the center East as an review of President Barack Obama’s overseas coverage commitments. In 2009, Obama publicly pledged “a new starting in US-Muslim relations,” inflicting keen expectation of a transparent shift in US international coverage after the election of the forty fourth president of the U.S.. even though, the fulfillment of this type of shift was once made specifically tricky via the life of a number of, and occasionally conflicting, US pursuits within the area which encouraged the Obama administration’s reaction to the preferred uprisings in 5 Muslim-majority nations: Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, and Syria. After delivering an in depth research of the normal gains of either US overseas coverage rhetoric and perform, this ebook turns its concentration to the Obama administration’s reaction to the 2011 Arab Awakening to figure out no matter if Obama’s international coverage has certainly caused a brand new starting in US-Muslim relations.<

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Although this research strictly focuses on US relations with the Greater Middle East, it is worth noting that the disconnect between rhetoric and practice in US foreign policy is a phenomenon that goes beyond this specific geographical region. Indeed, this phenomenon can be detected in US relations with other areas of the world. 22 Moreover, such a disconnect between public rhetoric and practice is not limited to the realm of foreign policy. e. US national subsidies to agriculture). e. the USA signed but refused to ratify the 1997 Kyoto Protocol).

Our great hope is to give a personal contribution to the ongoing debate on such significant issues by providing fresh information and useful insights, for we believe that a better informed public debate will be likely to generate better policy solutions in the future. NOTES 1. Barack Obama, “Yes, We Can Speech,” 8 January 2008, http://www. com/2008/01/08/us/politics/08text-obama. pagewanted=all. 2. nytimes. pagewanted=all. 3. gov/the-press- office/remarks-president-obamaturkish-parliament. 4. pdf; Pew Research Religion and Public Life Project, “Public Expresses Mixed Views of Islam, Mormonism,” 25 September 18 E.

As such, foreign policy rhetoric performs its enabling and constraining functions also at the international level. National leaders can use public rhetoric to pursue a number of foreign policy objectives: to send messages to allies, to warn foes, or to gain international support for their policies. However, if rhetoric is not supported by a consistent practice, it can become counterproductive and eventually raise charges of hypocrisy and double standards. Public rhetoric, therefore, is essential to understanding a country’s identity and to explaining significant aspects of its international behavior.

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