ROI of Software Process Improvement: Metrics for Project by David F. Rico

By David F. Rico

This ebook masterfully illuminates very simple, yet overwhelmingly strong metrics, versions, and strategies for designing expert enterprise instances whereas the writer demystifies esoteric innovations in ROI.

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Thus our original assumption that there is no w ∈ + with x, y, z ∈ w+ is false, and such a w must exist. 5 Repetitions in strings A square is a string of the form xx, such as the English word hotshots. If w is a (finite or infinite) string containing no nonempty subword of this form, then it is said to be squarefree. Note that the string square is squarefree, while the string squarefree is not. It is easy to verify (see Exercise 3) that there are no squarefree strings of length >3 over a two-letter alphabet.

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