The Lord of History by Jean Danielou

By Jean Danielou

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It is, furthermore, to understand the meaning of civilization, namely that state of human life in which individual man is accorded his due of respect and of love, being loved the more in proportion as he may be defenceless, lonely, or unlucky. Thus it appears that any condition of society in which the contrary applies, where weaklings and outsiders are undervalued, discarded, or liquidated, is not civilized at all, whatever its degree of technological achievement. We must be clear about civilization, that it is not a function of material progress, but a stage in the emergence of humanity: and hospitality is one of the oldest and most reliable tests of humanity.

On the one hand it was a providential order of things that was abolished in the dispossession of angelic governors: but as this constitution had been corrupted through the work of the fallen angels, the catastrophe wears, on the other hand, also the appearance of Christ's victory over the insurgent powers of darkness. Origen was perfectly aware of this duality. ' But it was otherwise in the case of the fallen angels: 'In Christ was fulfilled the word of Scripture, that "Thy seed shall possess the gate of his enemies".

Again in Recognitiones I: 30, the Hebrew language, which God gave to mankind, is said to have remained in use as a single common speech until the sixteenth generation, when the sons of men left the East, and took possession of separate territories, which were denominated by each group in its own tongue. It will be observed that this account, like that of the Testament of Naphtali, differs from Origen's in that it does not connect the separation of nations and languages directly with the Tower of Babel.

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